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BoraBora (Borong Rame Rame) is a social e-Commerce service that encourages users to buy stuff collectively with another user, offers products at significantly reduced prices on the condition that a minimum number of buyers would make the purchase. Buyer will be able to see list of product campaign which posted by Merchants, and they will be able to participate on the product campaign. 

BoraBora is under the auspices of PT Aliansi Wikrama Sejahtera.

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Get that cheapest price!

Explore the items you want and get it with an affordable price! Make it more exciting with bringing your friends or anyone to buy it together so the price will be getting lower.

BoraBora - Connecting you directly to a wider seller & buyer header

Connecting you directly to a wider seller & buyer

Bringing more people on buying the same items together, it will attract the potential buyer even more and also increasing the transaction (as well as profit) for partnered sellers.

BoraBora - Getting more exposure for sellers header

Getting more exposure for sellers

Having chances on advertisement placement within the DANA app and media channels outside the app.

BoraBora - Easily link to your social media accounts header

Easily link to your social media accounts

Creating an easy interaction with your friends by being able to share the product link directly through social media.

BoraBora - Shipping your items instantly header

Shipping your items instantly

The orders will be directly handled by the courier, making it much easier once you and your friends buy it together. While for sellers, BoraBora offers an integrated courier solution to make your delivery more simple

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Bora Bora App Store

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